News Direct (Perth) Limited was formed by Ian Morgan in April 2012.

Ian has over 30 years' experience in the newsagent's trade. In the early eighties to late ninety's he part owned and operated the very successful Cherrybank Newsagents. In that time he was nominated twice for Newsagent of the year.

Having moved on from Cherrybank, the next few years were spent assisting with the day to day distribution of the newspaper deliveries of A & M Hogg Perth.

In 2008-09 A&M Hogg's were taken over by the David Sands Group. This saw Ian take on the role of Store Manager, which led latterly to the position of News Delivery Manager. As News Delivery Manager, Ian was nominated for a national retail award.


The SLR Newstrade Retailer of the Year Award 2011.

With judges' comments like “If you have ever doubted the value of home news delivery, Ian's store is the perfect lesson” and “Probably the best news trade operation the judges had ever seen" it was no surprise the store went on to win.

The David Sands group subsequently sold the Jeanfield Road store complete with the news delivery service and staff. A few months passed by and it became clear that the news delivery side of the business did not fit in with the new owners plans. As Ian felt he had put too much work into the deliveries to let them go, he bought them and News Direct (Perth) Limited was born.

As the concept of a newsagent without a shop was new to Perth and a new experience for us, it was decided to let our existing customers get used to the idea gradually.

Because of this we did not actively try to expand the business, this has happened as a matter of course by word of mouth.

News Direct operates out of a purpose built facility in the outskirts of Perth, employing 4 adult members of staff, and over 20 newspaper deliverers aged 13 and over.

The aim of News Direct is to provide the residents of Perth and surrounding area with a first class, regular, reliable, newspaper and magazine delivery service anything from 1 to 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year, wherever they are required.

We are now delivering to around 800 customers over a 7 day period. These deliveries take us across a large part of Perth, and as far as Aberargie and Abernethy on a daily basis.

We deliver all published Newspapers and Magazines in the best condition possible to their destination, 7 days per week, 52 weeks per year.

Deliveries take place:-

  • Mon – Fri between 06.00 and 08.00
  • Saturday between 06.00 and 08.30
  • Sunday between 06.00 and 09.00


During the school holidays our deliverers are all made aware that although they are on holiday our customers are not and all rounds must go out and be finished at the usual times. If you find that this is not the case please let us know ASAP.

Newspapers that arrive to us too late to be included in the deliveries will be delivered by vehicle ASAP.

Magazines that arrive to us too late to be included in the deliveries will be delivered next day.

The delivery charges for the service listed above are as follows:-

  • Monday - Friday - £1.60
  • Monday - Saturday - £1.95
  • Monday - Sunday - £2.35

A small surcharge may be applicable for properties where we have an excessive distance to cover to effect delivery (Farms etc). Business delivery charges may vary.


We specialise in delivery to residential care homes.

All the streets we currently deliver to are listed under (Delivery Area). We are always happy to expand our delivery area and add new streets to the list.

Should you require Newspapers and Magazines delivered to your home or work address, fill in your details under (New Customer).

By introducing various payment methods, we have taken away the need to physically go to a shop and pay your papers. These methods are listed and explained under (Payments).

We send our accounts out for either fortnightly or four weekly periods. These accounts are sent out on a Thursday either enclosed in the paper or by e-mail or by post, and are due for payment from the following Monday.

Existing customers going on holiday or wanting to make any alterations to their account can do this under (Holidays and Alterations).

We accept subscription vouchers and money off tokens for all magazine and newspaper titles. Details for this are under (Vouchers)

As the sole suppliers for newspapers and magazines for HMP Perth, Edinburgh Road, Perth, we deal with inmates families from all over the country. Details are available under (Inmate Deliveries).

Details of staff availability for taking alterations, holiday stops and enquiries are listed under (Business Hours).

We are very fortunate not to have had a high turnaround of staff. We do however keep a list of potential deliverers and applicants for early morning positions just in case. Details of how to apply can be found under (Vacancies).

We see ourselves as a progressive forward thinking company always open to suggestions as to how we can improve our service to our customers. Your comments would be appreciated under (Feedback).

If you are a delivery customer of ours and you provide a trade or a service to the public, let us know and we can make your details known to our customers through the website.

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